5 Ways to Secure your Building

Keeping your premises secure and your building and possessions safe has become more important than ever. So we’ve put together 5 good reasons to keep your building secure:

1) Controlling access to your premises; you say who has access, when they have access and where exactly they can have access to. Simple, modern, complete control and flexible security.

2) The security and safety of your residents/staff and assets is a serious business. No one wants to think that people are at risk while at home or work and there is no better way to protect them. Decrease the risk of opportunist theft and track who was where and when.

3) With access control you can restrict specific areas of your premises to certain groups of staff or individuals. You can even give access rights specifically for certain times of the day or night. This gives you control over the security of your site around the clock and means you do not need to spend money on night-time security. You can rest assured that your premises are protected, even outside normal working hours.

4) Why choose access control instead of locks and keys? Huge bunches of keys are common for some sites, but if the keys get lost imagine how many locks would need replacing to make your site secure again. The cost implications are huge. With access control each staff member or resident is issued with one card or token to gain access through any door, gate or barrier. They simply present their token at a reader and access is permitted or denied, as appropriate. There is no need to change locks if someone loses their token. This gives you total confidence that your premises stay secure, something that is just not possible with a lock and key system.

5) Visitors can be screened at the front door prior to permitting access or not as the case may be.