Audio and Video Door Entry

IP Door Entry

IP Door Entry

We offer an extensive range of Audio and Audio/Video Door Entry systems for securing doors and facilitating communication for visitors and remote door release.

The systems provide an effective solution for a wide range of buildings from single user units to multi occupied blocks for residential, commercial or industrial use.


  • Communal doors secure 24/7 restricting unauthorized entry
  • Deterrent against opportunistic theft and communal area vandalism
  • Significant cost savings by removing the need for manned reception areas

The following technologies are available:

  • Traditional 4 wire plus call line for audio systems
  • “V2 PLUS” digital video system and “2PLUS” digital audio system using two non polarized wires. It is possible to connect up to 120 video monitors or telephones and combinations of up to three door panels without the need for switching units.
  • “PLUS” digital system that uses 3 wires plus coaxial cable or 4 wires plus a twisted pair for video systems, or 4 wires for audio only systems. It is possible to connect up to 255,000 monitors or telephones distributed to 255 buildings and unlimited number of entrances without the need of switching units
  • “iPlus” Revolutionary video door entry system that works on Cat 5/6 data network cabling

We can provide variations of the above systems using telecommunication and wireless technology where cabling would be impractical and prohibitively expensive.

We can offer standard or vandal resistant entry panels in stainless steel or polished brass.

We can offer a wide choice of different systems such as Golmar, Videx, Entrotec, Select Manufacturing and BPT in order to best meet the specification or application.

Door Entry Panels

Stadio Modular Door Entry Panels


Recommended for low to medium usage, residential and commercial applications as a cost effective solution.

Innovative range of flexible modular door entry panels manufactured from extruded aluminium with a silver satin anodised finish to suit a wide range of different buildings.

  • Audio or video
  • Single or double push buttons with illuminated nameplate windows
  • Digital keypad with LCD display for larger multi occupancy buildings
  • Coded Access option for authorized users
  • Surface or flush mounting with the option of a rain shield

Rock Stainless Steel Panels

Rock Inox

Recommended for high usage residential and commercial applications

Vandal resistant range of flexible modular door entry panels manufactured from 2.5mm thick ANSI 316 stainless steel plate with a unique treatment to avoid fingerprint spots

  • Vandal resistant semi flush stainless steel push buttons, blue leds permanently illuminate 5mm thick polycarbonate nameplate windows
  • Flush or surface mounting
  • Security fixing screws for the panel
  • Audio or video
  • Adjustable pan and tilt camera on video modules
  • Double walled sound grill to prevent access to the speech module
  • Modules available up to 20 buttons and thereafter in digital keypad format
  • Coded Access option for authorized users

Nexa Compact Door Entry Panels

Nexa, Compact door entry panels

Recommended for residential and commercial applications

Latest design for use on new or as an upgrade on existing Golmar door entry systems by virtue of the retrofit option onto existing 60 and 90 series door panel back boxes.

The panel push buttons are prewired for applications using the latest common bus digital technology resulting in reduced installation time.

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