Access Control

Proximity Access ControlAccess control is quite literally about controlling access to your premises, or a specific area of your premises. Instead of the old lock and key method, access control secures your building electronically. With tokens and readers instead of locks and keys; you say who has access, when they have access and where exactly they can have access to.

A wide range of systems are available, such as:

  • Coded access; the user keys in a 3-5 common or individual code to trigger the door release
  • Swipe card; the user is allocated a dedicated identifiable card which has been pre programmed into the reader or controller
  • Proximity fob; a more robust card/fob which has a lifetime guarantee.

Unlike a conventional lock and key system, if a card or fob is stolen, it can be deleted thereby maintaining the security of the building.  Approved installers for Paxton and PAC systems and many other products.


The Cardlock

The CARDLOCK satin chrome reader has an exceptionally smart appearance that makes it suitable for a number of different environments. The cover is also replaceable to keep the reader looking fresh and new.

This reader is compatible with magstripe cards, the most economical type of access control card on the market. Their use makes the reader ideal for those sites with a high rotation of cards.

The CARDLOCK reader is suitable for external use. A user physically swipes their card through the reader.

P series reader

The P series range of readers is our most popular and comprises four readers ranging in size from the P38 to the P200. A P38 fits neatly onto a door frame while the size of the P200 creates a larger token read range.

All P series readers are supplied with two fascias, one grey and one off-white. Other colours are available from us. These fascias can be replaced periodically to keep your reader looking brand new.

A mounting plate is available to allow the P75 reader to be mounted to a standard UK backbox. In addition to the standard pre-wired version, the P75 reader is also available with screw terminals. The screw terminal version is particularly suitable for new builds or refurbishment projects. Our PROXIMITY P series Mifare reader is suitable for use with Mifare, EM4100 and Net2 tokens.

Panel mount reader

Audio and video entry panels are widely used in residential and commercial premises for controlling the access of visitors. Rather than having a separate proximity reader for controlling the access of residents or staff, the Panel mount reader is designed to be mounted within the door entry panel itself.

The reader has been designed to fit within a standard sized cut-out and we are able to provide suitably modified panels. As well as creating a more integrated installation, the Panel mount reader will also benefit from the vandal resistance offered by the metal panel within which it is housed.

Metal reader

This rugged Metal reader is perfectly suited to a wide range of environments, from building sites to designer lobbies. The reader is encased in a solid metal housing with a durable clear window.

The reader’s metal construction means that it will not be affected when mounted near metal objects, as is the case with other readers. This makes it the perfect solution for car park barrier posts or aluminium door frames.

The Metal reader is available in three different materials: chrome, satin chrome and brass.

Access tokens

We offer a varied choice of tokens for a range of needs. Our best selling keyfobs are smart in appearance and come with a lifetime guarantee. They are so robust, they can even go through the wash!

Watchprox is a miniature proximity token that fits discreetly to your wristwatch so you always have a token on you. Paxton cards can be used with our card designer software, meaning your access cards double up as ID cards.

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