Access Control

Key Pads

K series keypads

The K series range of keypads have a neat functional appearance and are available in three sizes that make them suitable for the majority of sites. Each keypad has clearly numbered back-lit buttons. Each size is useful for different situations. The K38 fits neatly onto a door frame while the larger K75 has big, easy to press buttons.

All K series keypads are supplied with two bezels, one dark grey and one off-white. Replacement bezels in a range of colours are available from your installer.

A mounting plate allows the K75 keypad to be mounted to all standard UK backboxes. In addition to the usual pre-wired version, the K75 keypad is also available with screw terminals. This is especially useful for system refits or for new builds with preinstalled cabling.

Vandal resistant metal keypad

This solid metal, heavy duty keypad has been developed to stand up to abuse and is perfect for areas susceptible to vandalism. Its robustness also makes it suitable for ‘physical’ environments where knocks and scrapes are inevitable.

The keypad incorporates a back-lit display and embossed numbers to facilitate the accurate entering of a PIN (or code) even at night. The back-light is also used to denote access permissions; flashing green for access granted and red for access denied.

The standard mounting plate is used to fix the keypad to a wall or a UK backbox. The additional mounting plate incorporates screw terminals allowing cabling to be run in advance. This is useful for new builds or refurbishment projects. The Vandal resistant metal keypad is also supplied with security screws (and tool) to avoid tampering.

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